Dragon Prime

This story is related to the Legacies series.

Dragon Prime is a passionate tale of a love that conquers time and links a warrior from a dying planet to a woman of the Earth. The Earth has become a psychic battleground of warriors. Renegade warriors from another planet want to conquer and control all of Earth. Other warriors from the alien planet are enlisted to aid the Mother Earth and help protect her and the powers that were gifted to sisters of the Earth. These Prime warriors will fight for mother Earth because it is through her that they will have the chance to find their soul mates which will ultimately help revitalize the dying planet from which they come.

Alyx is Dragon Prime, the strongest psychically and physically of the alien warriors. He has fought centuries for the Mother Earth in hopes of finding the one of the Earth he has given his soul to. When she died centuries earlier he knew one day he would find her soul reborn into another sister of the earth.

Lynn holds the soul and memories of Alyx's mate. She is an agent from Earth's special units that fights the renegade terrorists to protect the powers of Mother Earth. Even though she wants to dislike Alyx because he is alien, her soul remembers the passion between them. Alyx is determined to claim her fully as his mate. In the sensual battle, he awakens a part of Lynn that binds them with love and psychic powers.

Dragon Prime is an erotic journey of sensuous delight. Alyx and Lynn's reunion will leave you gasping in pleasure with scorching love scenes that leaves you eagerly waiting the next joining between the two. It was an entertaining and sexy read from Lora Leigh and I would love to read more stories of the Prime warriors. It's a definite keeper for my book collection and I highly recommend for yours as well.

Book Blurb for Dragon Prime

This story is related to the Legacies series.

He is a Prime Warrior of the Dragon Clan. An alien to Earth. Fighting a battle that could tip the balance between two seperate worlds. But now his greatest mission isn't the battle, or the blood of the enemy. It's the love of one woman's heart. One he's lost once already and vows he will not lose again.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00