Double the Pleasure

Double the Pleasure is a treat from four fantastic authors. Lori Foster doubles the trouble in Deuces Wild where twin brothers temporarily switch places. Dax moves into his twin Hart’s apartment and assumes his life in order to keep the family from finding out to soon what Hart is doing with his life. Christy Nash has had a crush on Hart for a while and thought he wasn’t interested in her. So why all of a sudden is he seeking her out and stirring up passions between them? There’s a bit of deceptions and a whole lot of romance is this story.
Deirdre Martin brings on the Irish charm in The Luck of the Irish. Maggie O’Brien works and lives at her family’s Irish pub in New York. After a bad marriage, she is not looking for love or romance, but while a fellow Irishman helps with the remodeling of the pub she finds it hard to resist his charm when he turns it onto her. Brendan Kelly has carpentry talent and a definite eye for one particular lass and he’s going to turn the heat up on Maggie because she has already left him with burning desires. Is Maggie ready to jump from the frying pan and into the fire with a relationship with Brendan?
Your Room or Mine by Jacquie D’Alessandro takes two people who are at odds with a job situation and makes a one night stand into an unforgettable interlude that neither will forget. Jack Walker resents consultant Madeline Price for interfering in his department and when his boss send the whole department on a weekend retreat, he is dreading having to deal with Madeline’s idea of team building and rah-rah stuff. What he gets that weekend is a woman dropping the strict business manners and looking for a passionate night of sex. Jack suddenly realizes that he’s the man for the job and sets out to seduce Madeline. There are a lot of surprises for them as they get to know one another and the feelings they develop for each other will create new conflicts for them personally and professionally. Can they turn off the passion come Monday?
Penny McCall will wrap you up in mystery and suspense in Double the Danger. Dr. Abigail West is living in a small town where outsiders aren’t welcome—even her. She’s not happy about doing morgue duty but she’ll do what she has to in order to help her grandfather. When a dead body on her table turns out to be the man who left her years ago, shock, and emotions are what she blames on the sight of seeing him move and reach out to strangle her. Drake wasn’t happy to wake up in a morgue or to realize that Abby and her grandfather are the very reason he is in the small unheard of town in Illinois. Even worse is the danger that all of them are now entrenched in could mean their death.
Double the Pleasure is a great anthology with realistic romantic situations and dangerous entanglements. Each story will captivate the reader with the fun storylines to the serious deadly ones. The characters are down-to-earth and charming with situations you can easily put yourself into. This novel has four great authors penning four great reads that are sure to please. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Double the Pleasure

Double the sales with a sexy new contemporary romance collection—featuring a new Winston novella from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster.

New York Times bestselling sensation Lori Foster, USA Today bestselling authors Deirdre Martin and Jacquie D’Alessandro, and Penny McCall come together to deliver four all-new stories of fun and games between friends and lovers in this tantalizing anthology. Included in this spellbinding collection is a brand-new novella featuring Foster’s Winston cousins—sexy twins who use their knock-out mirror-image good looks to switch places and have a little fun with the girls of their dreams.

About the Author
Lori Foster is a New York Times bestselling author.

Deirdre Martin is a USA Today bestselling author.

Jacquie D’Alessandro is also a USA Today bestselling author.

Penny McCall has been previously published in Berkley Sensation.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00