Daughters of Terra

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Daughters of Terra

The Ta'e'sha Chronicles Book 1

Theolyn Boese blends an erotic romance with sci-fi adventure in her book "The Ta'e'sha Chronicles: Daughters of Terra". When the Ta'e'shan race faces extinction they search off world for compatible female mates and Earth is where they find them. Kyrin and Daeshen choose Theadora Conner as a mate. Kidnapped, genetically altered, and brought aboard their starship, Thea awakes in a precarious situation. Two handsome aliens are her new husbands and their touches ignite burning desires that she has only dreamed of and can't resist. Kyrin and Daeshen do everything they can to make her adjustment to her new life as easy as possible. They worry for her mental and physical health because there is a strange illness affecting some of the Earth women and they have yet to discover a cause for it. There is also someone on board the ship who disagrees with having Earth women as mates which sets off a rage that endangers all the women. What will become of Thea and can she adapt to these alien beings? The journey has just begun for Thea and she is uncertain of what the future holds, but with Kyrin and Daeshen, she finds the most decadent passion in the galaxy.

"The Ta'e'sha Chronicles" is great book that will captivate the reader with a well written plot that brings the characters to life as it carries you through the galaxy with scorching passion and surprising turns in the story. This is definitely a story that pulls you in and keeps you there until the end. The journey continues with Shards of the Mind, which I'm looking forward to reading also. It's a keeper and re-reader that I recommend for a great read.

Book Blurb for Daughters of Terra

Series: The Ta'e'sha Chronicles

Genre: BDSM & Polyamorous Futuristic Shapeshifter

Length: Novel

Theadora Conner lived a quiet, solitary life until she met two strange men one night at a club. Several days later, after a surgically neat kidnapping, she awoke to find that her world has been turned upside down. Told that she was mated to both men and altered to carry their children she finds herself thrown into a world and culture she knows nothing about, one where science, myth, and religion seem to blend seamlessly.

As she tries to accept her new life with Kyrin and Daeshen, her new husbands, a hidden danger stalks the human women. For not all of the Ta'e'sha are happy to accept these women, and one expresses his contempt with rape.

Publisher's Note: The Ta'e'sha Chronicles: Daughters of Terra contains subject matter that may be objectionable to some readers: m‚nage, homoerotic sexual situations, BDSM, sex while in shapeshifted form, violence.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50