Darkness Calls

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Darkness Calls

Hunter Kiss Series #2)

Maxine Kiss was born and bred to hunt demons and other evils that prey on the human world. Staying in one place too long can place her and those that surround her in mortal danger, but she has found that special man who makes staying worth the risks…until now. Grant has the special ability to manipulate energy and that makes him a threat to the inhuman world. He is the only one of his kind and now he is hunted by the same evils that Maxine was born to destroy. Both must travel the past and otherworldly plains to discover and stop the dark one that wants to possess Grant. This journey will have Maxine accepting help from her friends while challenging all of the control she has of the darkness that dwells within her soul. Will she have the courage to reach for that darkness if it means saving the one man who could share her life? Their world is spinning out of control. Will their bond be enough to save them and the world?
Marjorie M. Liu has created a unique world of good and evil. Her characters are strong and the action is fast-paced with constant plot twists. The scenes change quickly, which can be hard to follow at times, but I was able to keep up with the complicated plot. In Darkness Calls, you will find moments of gore and death. Also woven within are lighter moments of witty humor and tangled emotions. I would recommend reading The Iron Hunt, which is the first book in this series, so that you are familiar with the characters and plot. Maxine's living tattoos are extraordinary and the creativity of Ms. Liu imagination within this series is amazing. I look forward to seeing where she will take the reader with her next story.

Book Blurb for Darkness Calls

Demon hunter Maxine Kiss, inked with living tattoos, is on a mission to rescue the man she loves from a bloodthirsty army. To save him, Maxine has only one choice: to lose control—and release her own powers of darkness.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.50