Dark Waters

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Dark Waters

Dark Waters has characters that will touch your soul and a suspenseful plot that will keep you entrenched in a great story. Dark Waters picks up with a character that captured my attention in Dangerous Waters—Brent Carver. Brent is a man that prefers to live alone with the shadows from his past as he tries to adjust to his new life of freedom. He wears the bitterness of a hard life like armor until one special woman sees through the tarnished armor and into the heart of the man he is. Anna is on the run after a frantic phone call from her father just before his suspicious death. Her father sends her to Brent. There is a path of dead bodies that are getting closer to Brent and Anna as they try to unravel the mystery surrounding Anna’s father’s death.

The characters are strong, well-developed, and pull the reader into the heart of troubled families, troubled lives, and some that just plain troubled. With each page the plot unfolds with action, suspense, and emotional dilemmas. Toni Anderson can write pulse-pounding romantic suspense that will stay with you even after you close the cover. This is the second novel by Ms. Anderson that I have read and I have to say it is my favorite thus far. I’m a sucker for discovering redemption in the misunderstood or bad boys. Dark Waters is a great read and I look forward to reading more stories from the talented mind of Toni Anderson. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Dark Waters

Danger once again laps at the shores of Barkley Sound, the Graveyard of the Pacific…

Since her rocky childhood and its abrupt, brutal ending, schoolteacher Anna Silver hasn’t given her trust easily. But when her estranged father gets in over his head—again—and winds up dead, his last message to Anna is as clear as it is insistent: she’s in danger and Brent Carver, the man with whom he shared a prison cell for five years, is the only person she should turn to for help. With nowhere else to go and with her father’s killer on her trail, Anna flees to what she hopes is safety.

Tucked into the west coast of Vancouver Island, Brent Carver’s isolated home hasn’t seen many visitors. And his friend’s daughter is the last person he ever expected to grace his doorstep. She’s in trouble, and he can’t deny her protection…just as he can’t deny his attraction to the independent beauty. As their passion sparks into flame, the perfect storm brews off the coast of his island home, bringing with it a sadistic killer hunting Anna and the secrets she’s come close to uncovering.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00