Dangerous Boys and Their Toy

Shayla Black knows how to put the sizzle in a red-hot read with her novel Dangerous Boys and Their Toy. When Detective Cameron Martinez and bounty hunter R. A. Thorn team up to hunt down a criminal turned state witness, they never imagined it would lead them to a tantalizing beauty or an attraction that unleashes steamy desires within them all. Cam and Thorn have known each other for years but have never been close friends. Their friendship hits a new and erotic level when they meet Brenna Sheridan, the person who could lead them to the man they hunt. Brenna is struggling to resolve her unsettled past in hopes that it will release her from sexual hang-ups with men and give her the freedom to start a new direction in her life. When Thorn offers to help her in exchange for information, she found the temptation irresistible and completely overwhelming with erotic bliss, especially when Cam joins in with the bargain. Each are aware of the danger that has brought them together and as passions flare so does Cam and Thorn's determination to protect Brenna from it. Can they stay alive long enough to explore all the new emotions and figure out their future?Shayla Black has penned an erotic story with characters that will tug at your heart as they are emotionally challenged to cross into a relationship none of them have every explored. The danger elements and the scorching bedroom scenes will keep you glued to the pages. Dangerous Boys and Their Toy is a well-written romance with a riveting plot and appealing characters that make this into a fantastic read. I have read many of Ms Black's novels and have yet to be disappointed with a story that doesn't excite my mind or touch my heart in some way.

Book Blurb for Dangerous Boys and Their Toy

Trading orgasms for information isn't their usual way of doing business, but when a missing criminal-turned-star-witness and fifty grand are on the line, bounty hunter R. A. Thorn and Detective Cameron Martinez are prepared to put their bodies to the task and give gorgeous Brenna Sheridan everything she needs.

An exchange they never anticipated becomes an experience none can forget — or walk away from. Sexual hunger sizzles the threesome, but the stakes and danger rise as a mafia bad-ass stalks Brenna.

Soon, their "deal" is no longer about information — or sex. Emotions bind Brenna, Cam and Thorn together more tightly than they ever imagined as the men protect — and serve — the beloved woman neither can live without.

Reader advisory: Book contains some scenes of same-gender sex.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00