Crimson Thrall


Crimson Thrall is a spicy read of unwavering passions that time and separate countries couldn't diminish between Chad Demarko and Eden Keller. Eden is unaware of the vampire community and the rules they live by. Chad fell for the dancing beauty years earlier but was denied the permission to bring her across into his world, so he left hoping distance would cool his desires. Now that he has returned, his sister pleads with him to get her help as a dance instructor and this gives him the opportunity to have the one woman he has never gotten over. This time will be different and he intends to show her his true dominant nature and his vampire nature. Eden has always felt the attraction between her and Chad, but feared the emotions he brought out in her. When her husband died it was Chad's family that took her under their wings and helped her, but she never knew they were vampires and moved on with her life the best way she could after her husband's death. But she never forgot Chad and the passion he awoke in her. Now he is back and determined to pursue that passion. Is she ready to discover Chad's true self and his sexual nature?  Can Chad win her over and convince the Vampire Council that they are meant to be together as mates?
Aubrey Ross has penned an enthralling tale of erotic passion and second chances. The hero of the story is as compassionate as he is dominant and Eden is a strong independent woman that has her hidden passions unleashed by Chad. I enjoyed their renewing of a friendship and the daring to explore the erotic and forbidden from within the secret world of vampires. This is a great story and I enjoyed being a part of the growing romance and the vampire world created by Ms. Ross. 

Book Blurb for Crimson Thrall

One breath-stealing kiss kept Chad Demarko's memory smoldering in Eden's fantasies for the past two years. So when he strolls into her dance studio, she's more than intrigued. He casually asks for her assistance preparing his sister for a formal gala, but his eyes promise carnal abandon and unimagined pleasure.

Chad's interest in Eden is anything but casual. Not only is he a skilled Dom, he is a vampire. The timing wasn't right when they met before, but no force on earth will keep him from claiming her now.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00