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Crimson & Steam

Crimson City, where Vampires, Werewolves, Mechs and Humans are all fighting for the right to live.  Some search for peaceful alliances while others plot to destroy those that are different.  As ranking leader over the vampire clans, Marius Dumont seeks an alliance by marrying into the Asprey werewolves.  His decision is made out of the good for all, but the cost will shatter his soul and that of his bonded love Jillian Cooper.  Two souls, one vampire and one human, meant to be as one are caught up in the viscous and uncertain times that are plaguing Crimson City.  When a virus strikes down Marius, they both set out to find a cure, all the while discovering that the heart knows best.  Chaos is taking over and no faction of species will be safe.  Trust is a luxury and time is running out for Marius.  Can a handful of vampires, mechs, werewolves and humans stop the madness to reclaim some semblance of peace for everyone?  And where will Marius be in the aftermath, with his new wife or with Jill, the woman who owns his heart and soul?

Liz Maverick brings the existence of all her species full circle within this heart-stopping read.  The mesmerizing characters and the paranormal world they live in will entrench the reader, while love and romance among all the chaos becomes the priceless treasure that stays with the reader even after the last page.  Enjoy your journey through Crimson City and discover how it all started with a romance from a time past.  Although Crimson & Steam is a part of a previous series, it can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone.  It is a great read and one I recommend.

Book Blurb for Crimson & Steam

Named for the angels, Los Angeles is a city of demons, a crucible of souls. It is Crimson City. Here vampires and werewolves vie for dominion, humans build soldiers of flesh and steel who seethe with fury. But alongside strife can be love—a love that cares nothing for species or origin. 

Yet, love doesn’t always conquer. Marius and Jill have long been kept apart. Bound by destiny yet forbidden true union, he is vampire; she, human. And a marriage alliance that promises peace for all others shall separate them forever.

As if peace might be achieved so easily. Darkness is rising: a mysterious plot shall force every inhabitant of Crimson City to take sides. Deliverance exists, but first must come a tale of impossible passion and discovery, of Marius and Jill in a race against time leading back to the city’s paranormal beginnings, to Victorian London, to an era of invention and a world of…Crimson & Steam

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50