Crimson Awakening

When Chantel Demarko attended the Crimson Serenade she knew she would upset her father, but she never dreamed her presence would trigger memories of a past life she shared with two men. Throughout many lifetimes, the soul bond between Thorne, Jaron and Chantel has ended with grief. Chantel is awakened to past memories that will forever change her life now in the present, while two very special men are determined to keep the soul bond that they have once again found within Chantel. Can the rare bond between Thorne, Jaron and Chantel end in happiness this lifetime or will one man's treachery once again separate the lovers?

Aubrey Ross creates a fascinating vampire world that I love revisiting with each of her stories in her Crimson series. The characters are always colorful and full of passion as the story winds you up within its edgy plot. The complicated relationship between the three lovers will grip you in the emotions and eroticism surrounding them, past and present, while leaving your pulse pounding in excitement. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Crimson Awakening

While a stand-alone, this novel is best enjoyed when read with Crimson Thrall and Crimson Prey.

Chantel Demarko is about to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Driven by instinct and soul-deep hunger, Chantel will experience glamorous balls, pagan rituals and the uninhibited decadence of ancient Rome.

Two men await her surrender. Dark, demanding Thorne. And adventurous Jaron. Each appeals to her in their own way, but together they create a balance, an unshakable symmetry she has only imagined in her wildest fantasies.As she abandons herself to the wonder, she discovers the true potential of pleasure and finds reality itself is far more expansive than she ever dreamed.

Boundaries crumble and time itself is redefined. But with new awareness comes new danger. Mysteries must be unraveled and Chantel must make painful choices before she can secure a future with the men she loves.

Reader Advisory: If you're looking for the gentleman vampire, this is not the book for you. Blood is their life. It is very much a part of who and what they are.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00