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When the rag-tag crew of a renegade spaceship pick up a new member, the crew are all distrustful of Sela thinking she could be a spy for the tyrannical government that kills all that oppose to their will. Sela is relieved to be off the dead planet, but she finds being a part of this crew will require a lot of patience while she proves she is on the same side as they are. Among the crewmembers are two men who catch her eye and powerful emotions begin to stir between Axel, his alien lover Snake, and Sela. To fight the corrupt government they must get there hands on secretive weaponry, which could turn the battle in the renegades favor and Sela seems to know how to get these things. Can she be trusted? Axel desires her but like his other lover Snake; he is unwilling to put his faith into the emotions and bond that is building between them all. Sela wants to be a part of these two men and the strange relationship they have, but she realizes that Axel is the one whom she must earn the trust of to make their threesome work. All the while, this crew must stay one-step ahead of the Coalition and out of their deadly hands. This mission will change them all. Can they all survive the dangerous op--especially with so much discord amongst the crew?
Sharon Maria Bidwell has a great premise with Cosmic, but the plot seemed a bit hard to keep my head wrapped around. Axel and Snakes relationship seemed a bit harsh with attitude, and lack of emotions on Axels part make it hard to be attached to these characters. Sela's attempt to bring out the emotions and feelings in these two very different men becomes a daunting task with Axel's stubborn determination to avoid attachments and Snakes silent suffering with the emotions he wants to share with Axel and Sela. Sela is the strong character and I liked her strong will and faith she puts into bringing out the better of the two men who mean everything to her. Moreover, she has her own secrets that could very well destroy the best thing that has every happened to her.  Overall, the entire story was an ok read, but one I found a bit complex within the plot and off-balanced relationships.   This of course is my opinion and by no means do I think the story horrible. It just did not click with me. Maybe it will with other readers.

Book Blurb for Cosmic

Genre: LGBT Futuristic Science Fiction Menage
Length: Novel Plus

The last thing the crew of the Sovereignty expects -- or needs -- is an additional crewmember. But when an unknown assailant attacks, Axel has no choice but beam the stranger on board the spacecraft. Then it really gets interesting.

Already in a sexual relationship with "Snake" who is a rare species of alien, Axel doesn't want another lover to complicate his already challenging existence. The trouble is, he can't deny his growing attraction for the newcomer, who happens to be a very striking and intelligent woman. She's so intelligent she's already worked out that Snake is an alien and that the two men are lovers, even if it's the farthest thing from domestic bliss.

Still, Axel isn't the only one who wants Sela. Snake's drawn to her too, and Sela doesn't seem to mind the idea that Axel and Snake are lovers, especially after she sees them together...

Of course, in the meantime they've got to fight a corrupt government and deal with a zealot of a leader, but if the three can put their differences and natural inclination to distrust aside, they might just find peace...with each other. Sometimes giving in isn't giving up. Sometimes it's Cosmic.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, male/male sexual practices, ménage (m/m/f), violence.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 2.75