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Hot in the Saddle Book 4

Caleb is the last single Russell man and he’s perfectly happy being that way. That is until a woman literally drops out of the sky to land him in a passionate affair that is out of this world hot. Conn is on the run and unsure of whom she can trust, but there is something inside of Caleb that calls to her and sparks off desires in her that she has never felt. Caleb seems to be falling down the same path as the other Russell men by finding an extraordinary woman that will brand his heart forever. But their romance comes with danger and situations that could prove to be more than they can handle. Will these two ride off into the sunset together or apart?
Delicious cowboys and out of this world romance is again wonderfully penned by Ciana Stone as she gives riding and roping a whole new meaning with Caleb, another of her cowboy heroes. Her characters will grip your heart in emotions and the sizzling passion will leave you breathless. Finding love is easy for Conn and Caleb, but keeping it proves to be more challenging when dealing with things not of this world. The story will captivate the reader as it unfolds into a heart-wrenching situation that will leave you wondering if love can find a way. Conn’n’Caleb will ride into the reader’s heart as it ropes you into a mesmerizing romance with extraordinary characters that stay with you long past the last page. This is part of a series but Ciana Stone’s cowboys are unique and the novel will stand-alone. Conn’n’Caleb is an exciting romance that is hard to put down and one that is a keeper and re-reader. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Conn'n'Caleb

Single and lovingit! That’s Caleb, the only Russell man not yet hitched, and that’s fine with him. Life’s good—if a little predictable. Until a little lady drops out of the sky and into his kayak, nearly drowning him in the process.

But getting wet is the least of his problems. Seems Caleb’s going to follow his brothers when it comes to fixing on kinda offbeat women, because Conn isn’t like any woman he’s ever known. But then he’s never met a woman who isn’t from this world. And he sure as shit hasn’t ever met one who can put as much starch in his shorts and fire in his blood as Conn can with just a look.

Caleb thought he was a master when it came to seduction and making love. What he’s about to learn is that he’s only touched the tip of the iceberg.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50