Come Howling

Seasons of Seduction I - Anthology

This one of the stories from the Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction I anthology

Come Howling is a light hearted and entertaining novella with a sexy devil and an exhausted banshee that are trying to live ordinary lives among humans.

Luc is temporarily running his brother's employment agency when Maeve comes in hoping to find a job she can keep with the complications of her banshee curse. Their attraction to each other is instant and the sex wickedly erotic. Their relationship had me empathizing for Maeve's distressing life, laughing with devilish delight and wailing with sensual pleasure.

Book Blurb for Come Howling

One Story in the Seasons of Seduction I - Anthology

Being a banshee is a lifetime Curse — and a magical pain the ass. It's lonely, oh so lonely. Needing a career change in the worst possible way, Maeve O'Brien the banshee visits an employment agency. Surely someone will listen! Luc hangs on every single word. The woman's voice is sex incarnate. She might dress in bag lady chic, but a single whisper and he's got the hot chills. Two sentences and he's hard enough to pound nails. To help Maeve — Hell, Luc would do anything, even go to the devil.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00