Call of the Highland Moon

`Call of the Highland Moon' is a good read for those that like their heroes untamed and their romance spicy. Gideon is soon to be the Alpha to his clan of werewolves but before he takes that responsibility, he wants to explore the world and find solace for the restlessness that has been plaguing his soul. When he is attacked by rogue werewolves in a small town in New York, his destiny finds him in the arms of the one woman who could tame his beast; which creates dangerous complications as he uncovers a dark plot of greed and power. Carly's life is forever changed when she take a wounded `dog' into her home to help and the next morning she finds instead a gorgeous man telling her wild tales about werewolves. There's a fiery passion between them that neither can ignore, but soon danger is knocking at Carly's door. Gideon has to stop the rogues and keep Carly safe from them and his destiny, which could ultimately destroy her.

Kendra Leigh Castle takes us on a journey with a touching romance and a fascinating plot. There's the strong alpha Gideon falling hard for the spunky heroine Carly, and a great climatic ending that makes this story a great escape from the real world. The developing romance between Gideon and Carly is heart wrenching and touching but the action could have moved a little faster. Even though I can't say it was a most gripping novel, it is a good book and I'd be interested in reading more novels from Kendra Leigh Castle.

Book Blurb for Call of the Highland Moon

No one knows better than Gideon MacInnes how dangerous it can be to fall in love. As the future leader of a pack of Highland werewolves who guard an ancient and powerful secret, Gideon can't afford to bond with the wrong woman. The bite of the werewolf is too often fatal.and never lightly given. But on his last night in America, an unforeseen attack leaves him in the care of exactly the sort of woman he can never have. And the only one he will ever want.

Carly Silver might sell stories for a living, but she never expected one to show up on her doorstep. While the night shows her only a beast pleading for her help, the morning light reveals a man out of her darkest dreams. Straight out of legend and surrounded by danger, Gideon is the last man Carly should be letting into her life.even if he's almost impossible to resist. But trapped by an early Northern New York snowstorm, she hasn't got anywhere to run.

As the Stone of Destiny begins to work its magic beneath the Highland moon, reluctant attraction quickly deepens into something infinitely more irresistible. But with an ancient enemy reaching across worlds in a quest for the ultimate prize, their new love isn't the only thing that risks being destroyed. As Gideon makes his stand for a power his people never knew they possessed, Carly must face her own deadly decision. And if love is to survive, both must find the courage to embrace the beast within. Because the moon is calling, and there are things beyond imagining waiting in the darkness for them both.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.50