Blood Moons Rising

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Blood Moons Rising

After a brutal attack against the Sa' Lazar by the Karvan warriors, Tia is determined to find her brethren tribe of Ta' Lazar. Her hope is to unite all of her people again. Finding her way to the Ta' Lazar is risky, but she believes in her quest to unite the Lazarians against their common enemy. Cheval Ta' Lazar hears of the brave Queen and the terrible events that have sent her in search of him and his tribe, but he knows that Tia will be disappointed in the sad state his people have made themselves into. Tia's journey takes a new path when she meets Cheval and their passions lead them into a new destiny. 
Blood Moons Rising is a heart-warming trek through the heart of a devastated race as they try to overcome the past and start a new one. Cheval and Tia show true leadership and strength of character both as individual leaders and together as a couple. Romance is only the beginning of their adventure into a new life and one that will leave the reader with a satisfyingly great read. Trudy Thompson has written a captivating plot with rich characters and dilemmas that will pull the reader right into the story along with Tia and Cheval as they deal with the problems they must face. This is a great futuristic story of new beginnings and the trials facing Tia and Cheval along with their people with hope for a happy conclusion for them all. Enjoy the journey.

Book Blurb for Blood Moons Rising

After the Karvan warriors destroyed all but a few in her tribe, Tia Sa’Lazar is determined to find her long lost brethren, the Ta’Lazar her mother had banished decades before.

Cheval Ta’Lazar is surprised this proud Lazarian Queen would leave her homeland and make an attempt to reunite the two tribes. He had heard terrible tales about the destruction the Karvans inflicted upon the Sa’Lazar. Those tales were what led him to Karva to meet her himself instead of sending one of his warriors. He hadn’t counted on the affect he would feel when he met this beautiful woman.

Rating: Contains violence, adult language, and sexual content.

LENGTH: Full Novel


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.75