As the Lady Wishes

As the Lady Wishes will tease your senses and make you wish for your own fantasies to be fulfilled as you read about Lila and her wish for the sexual pleasures that only her fantasy man can give her. Lila is drawn to the portrait hanging in the cottage that she's rented. She's hiding from her past and wanting to start her life over by doing the things that please her. The sexual fantasy she has with the mysterious man in the portrait suddenly becomes real when she wishes that he was with her during the height of her sexual moment. Arthur has been curse to serve those who wish him from his imprisonment and to grant two more soul wishes to them. Fulfilling Lila's wishes becomes more complicated when he discovers he never wants to leave her; but an evil soul is out to destroy Lila and he must find a way to keep her safe, even if that means sharing her with another man so they can have the triad bond needed to save her.

Anna J. Evans and December Quinn has written a tantalizing tale where fantasy and magic become an erotic journey of pleasure, danger and redemption. I became absorbed into Anna's character as she attempted to become the sensuous woman she wanted to be and overcome the obstacles that hindered her personal journey. Arthur is the perfect man to fulfill fantasies and to help Lila reclaim her life. Together they will enrapture the reader with erotic bliss and heart pounding emotion. The unfolding drama will keep you glued to your seat as you read this fantastic story of magic, erotic desires and terrifying evil. You'll need a cold drink nearby to cool off with after reading this hot book. It's a captivating read that I would definitely recommend to fuel the fantasies we all have from time to time. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for As the Lady Wishes

After escaping an abusive marriage, Lila Hayes never dreamed she'd fall into bed with a tall, dark and domineering man like Arthur. He's a stranger, he's cocky as hell, and…he seems to have emerged from the painting on her wall. From the second she feels his touch, Lila knows she's found the lover of her wildest fantasies.

Arthur of Sefyll is an ancient Druid, a man cursed for thousands of years to grant the wishes of those who summon him from his enchanted rest. He's had enough of serving mortal whims, until he spends a night satisfying Lila's every carnal fantasy and losing his heart in the process.

But soon, the new lovers' happiness is threatened by a monster from Lila's past and a horror from beyond the grave.

Now Arthur and Lila must convince sexy Sheriff Sam Walker to succumb to his desire for them both and help them form a mystical threesome. Wishes are no longer enough to keep Lila safe. Only the love of two special men can save her life — or maybe just as importantly, mend her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.50