Ambient Light

Ambient Light is a great short story of a vampire’s lust and passion for a woman that could very well be his mate, but bringing her into his life and world won’t be as simple as a bite when he realizes there is more to her than he first thought. Yates is a photographer with an eye for beauty and when he sees the woman with lavender eyes, he is obsessed with taking her picture and mating with her. Kelly is trying to make a living by being a model and having her picture taken by the famous photographer Yates could be her big break. When passion overtakes them, they are basking in the bliss until Yates discovers she’s a shifter. Vampire’s and Shifter’s don’t get along very well, so what will become of the two lovers and mates now that they know what stands in there way? Can Kelly handle the blood-lusting demon and her own inner beast? Will Yates be able to hold onto his beautiful lavender-eyed beast and have the mate his heart cries out for?
Mandy M. Roth has written this novella with rich characters and plot depth to make this a great read and one you can really sink your teeth into. With some short stories, the romance is rushed and the reader may feel unable to get the emotional ties with the characters. That is not the case with this story. Ms. Roth does an excellent job of pulling the reader into her fast-paced novella and brings out all the emotions and passions to make this a well-rounded read that is sure to please. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Ambient Light

Yates is desperate to contact the lavender-eyed model the moment he sees her in a magazine. But the esteemed photographer doesn’t just want to take her picture—he wants to take her. He only hopes the mortal can handle him. All of him.

Kelly is fascinated and a little frightened by Yates the moment she sets foot in his darkened studio. She falls under his spell…and then his fangs come out. This is a vampire who has mating in mind. But Kelly has a surprise for Yates, too—she’s not human either. And as much as she desires him, her kind and his don’t get along.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a ménage scene as well as graphic violence, forced seduction and allusion to rape.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00