All I Need

Vampire King Armond‚s is cursed and must marry a compatible mate by midnight. Danielle falls into the ploy never imaging that after succumbing to a night of erotic sex that she is now his wife and queen. Danielle wants to hate him but finds she cannot resist his rapturous touch. As their relationship develop so does the threat to their lives. With evil betrayers in the clan Danielle knows she must stop them or risk loosing all she ever needed with Armond‚s.

All I Need gives the readers just that. A truly dynamic tale woven within erotic bliss that author Sally Painter has mastered. It's a sizzling hot story with passionate characters that will leave you breathless until the end.

Book Blurb for All I Need

Danielle celebrates her thirtieth birthday at Savannah's hottest new nightclub. The club's owner, Armondés Tresnávé—mysterious, dark and very sexy—weaves an erotic spell around Danielle she is powerless to resist. The night slips away in a whirl of erotic passion, but their fiery lovemaking turns deadly when Danielle discovers her sexy lover is a vampire with a secret agenda.

A vampire king, Armondés must marry before midnight or suffer an ancient curse. When Danielle unknowingly passes the required compatibility tests, Armondés realizes Danielle is the one. His seduction climaxes on the stroke of midnight when, in an earth-shattering orgasmic peak, Danielle is transformed into a vampire and his eternal mate.

Thrust into a life she didn't ask for and doesn't want, Danielle finds adjusting to life as a vampire is difficult enough, but soon realizes life as a queen has hidden dangers. Someone in the court wants her destroyed to ensure Armondés falls victim to the curse.

The traitor didn't count on the lust between Armondés and Danielle turning into a once-in-a-lifetime love. It is only their passion for each other that can save them…or ultimately destroy them…


Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.00