A Time to Dance

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A Time to Dance

A Time to Dance delivers a heart-wrenching romance of new beginnings and harsh realities. Celeste is content with her life even though the only romance involved is what she writes in her novels. When new construction started next to her building it brought more than annoying sounds and crude workers; it brought Bill into her life and it will surely never be the same again. Bill thinks he has a full life with friends and a ranch he's struggling to build. When he meets Celeste, she fills the part of his life that was missing. As their relationship blooms, shadows from Bill's past creep in to cause harm to all that he holds dear and now he has to resolve a bitter past in order to have the future he wants with Celeste.

Jo Jo Brown tells a beautiful romance with characters that are well developed and a plot that flows into a surprising ending. I was enchanted with the budding romance and loved seeing it unfold with each page. The secondary characters play perfectly within the drama and the tragic events shook my emotions. It's a story that is so true to life as it is today. The ending left me with mixed emotions and I dare say, I don't think I will forget this story for a while. It's a good read that I enjoyed very much.

Book Blurb for A Time to Dance

Celeste’s life was happy, if slightly boring. She wrote her romance novels and enjoyed quietly revolting against her upper-crust family. Until the construction started next door. Bill’s life was full. Full of activity, friends and intrigue. The only thing missing was a special someone to share it all with. Could a shy, frustrated romance novelist and a motorcycle-riding, construction-working, cowboy find a common ground to build on? Could they overcome their differences as well as the dangers and challenges others threw in their way?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50