A Sentry's Touch

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A Sentry's Touch

Iris Bridge is living a quiet life in a small community in Alaska as a triage nurse for the local medical center. When a helicopter crashes nearby a mysterious man is brought in for care and then disappears before anyone can talk with him. When her life is threatened by an unknown creature her mysterious man literally swoops in and saves her life. Avi claims to be a Guardian and Iris a revered Sentry. He is there to keep her safe and bring her back to a world that she knows nothing about. Circumstances and more attempts on her life lead Iris to believe Avi wild tale and agrees to accompany him to Varana. Searching for answers to her past and wanting to find out more about her destiny, Iris will soon discover that deadly plots are working against her and her new mysterious world is concealing unknown enemies. Avi and Iris' relationship becomes more intimate as they trek through Varana. Will they live long enough to fulfill their destiny and have the chance to be together with a love that has crossed dimensions?

A Sentry's Touch will take you too an alternate dimension of unknown perils and strange beings. It's a land torn with battles between two races of people and in need of changes. Iris and Avi are extraordinary character that will enchant the reader with their steamy romance. Vivien Dean has created an intriguing world with an absorbing plot that holds the readers attentions as a love develops in this dangerous world. Iris proves to be courageous when faced with unbelievable tales and dangerous situations and Avi her true partner with his bravery and unyielding faith in an uncertain destiny. It's a fascinating story and I enjoyed reading this book. I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for A Sentry's Touch

They followed their destiny and discovered love.

Orphaned at a young age, Iris Bridge carries scars on the palms of her hands from the fire that killed her parents. Now a top-notch trauma nurse in the Alaskan wilderness, it's her job to respond if disaster strikes. When a helicopter crash brings a strange man named Avi into her care, she knows what to do.until his wounds mysteriously heal and Iris discovers the reason he's come to town. He wants to take her back to the land he calls home-Varana.

Avi's quest to find Iris has led him across planes and taken half of his lifetime. Iris is a Sentry and as her Guardian, it's Avi's duty to protect her. It matters not that Iris, taken from his world, doesn't understand who or what she is; the strikingly handsome shapeshifter is honor bound to protect her.

When strange creatures start attacking Iris and her friends, she has no choice but to trust in Avi and hope he'll lead her to the truth. What she finds, however, is so much more. Iris discovers her own power and, in the arms of her fated lover, her destiny to possess A Sentry's Touch.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00