A Pirate's Revenge

Legends of the Soaring Phoenix, #2

The swashbuckling vampire pirates are sailing the sea again still trying to find a way to undo their curse. Captain Kane, his brother William, and the rest of the crew of the Soaring Phoenix are all back in this second novel as their ongoing adventure brings them new allies and new dangers to complicate their mission. William has been curse, but not like his fellow shipmates. His curse takes a dragon form and it will take the special magic of a witch to tame the beast that rages inside him. Mariah’s destiny is entwined with William. In order to save her brother, she will need William, his dragon, and the rest of the Soaring Phoenix crew to defeat the evil demons holding her brother prisoner. There is a lot of tension with the crew and with William. As they grow closer their passions rise, but so does the evil that wishes to destroy them all.

The relationship between William and Mariah is tantalizing with their sexual escapades, and their emotions run high when their hearts are on the line. This story picks up where A Pirate’s Curse left off. The characters are the same but the plot has thickened and a new romance is blooming during a very precarious time. You will become immersed in the drama and the dilemma these brave souls must face. All of these characters will dwell with the reader as the story unfolds with new elements to keep you wondering what will happen next. There is a lot of action, romance, and tugs to the heart with this story and one you will enjoy to the last page. The quest will continue and I look forward to reading the next novel in this series.

Book Blurb for A Pirate's Revenge

Cursed by a demon, William O’Brien changes into a dragon with mystical powers he can’t control. In dragon form he becomes a ravenous beast with the power to destroy the crew of the Soaring Phoenix. He’s forced to make a decision: leave the ship or face killing the crew.

But before he can go, he discovers a new menace hunts him. The God of the Underworld has released a female demon, more deadly and evil than before, with orders to capture William and combine his powers with a male witch in order to destroy the crew of the Soaring Phoenix.

Mariah Fey, a talented witch, wants only to save her brother from the bowels of the evil pirate ship, the Fiery Damsel. If William will trust her, she can teach him how to harvest his gifts, control his abilities and together their true love can defeat their enemies.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00