A Highlander Never Surrenders

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A Highlander Never Surrenders

Laird of the Mist Was Book 1, This is book 2

In a land of political unrest and feudal clans, Paula Quinn delivers an emotionally charged romance within the pages of A Highlander Never Surrenders. Claire Stuart is raised to fight as a warrior and fight she does when her sister is taken by a military leader with the intentions of marrying off her and Claire both. Claire is deadly, cunning with the sword and with her skills, she plans to rescue her sister and continue on with the rebellion that she is a part of to restore King Charles II to the thrown. Claire was unprepared for the churning emotions and fiery passions that Highlander Graham Grant stirs within her. Graham is enchanted by the Scottish beauty who shows no fear in battle and who stubbornly refuses his offer of protection, but his highland honor and growing passion for Claire will not allow him to let her continue on with her dangerous plan. Their battle will end in total surrender and both vow never to surrender to the emotions or the cause, even as their passion burns as hot as the sun. Who will win the battle of wills and where will they stand when traitorous plans are uncovered that could prove deadly to all they hold dear?

Paula Quinn blends history and romance into an enthralling read filled with action, intrigue and spine-tingling passion that you can't put down. Her characters are strong, well developed and will completely melt your heart with their passions. Claire's steadfastness to remain untamed and Graham's determination to win her created a stirring romance that will ensnare your emotions within theirs. You will feel the passion, hear the clash of swords ringing across the land, and feel the pride for Scotland within the pages of A Highlander Never Surrenders. This is reading pleasure at its best and Paula Quinn's talent for historical romance shines brightly in her books. I highly recommend reading A Highlander Never Surrenders and look forward to reading more from Paula Quinn.

Book Blurb for A Highlander Never Surrenders

Desire is the deadliest weapon of all . . . Defending Her Was His Duty Skilled with a sword and quick with her wit, Scottish rebel Claire Stuart cannot be tamed. And nothing can deter her from rescuing her beloved sister and saving them both from arranged marriages—not even the handsome Highlander who vows to protect Claire. His scorching gaze and fiery kiss bring her to the brink of surrender, but she belongs to no man . . . Seducing Her Would Be His Reward Graham Grant has had his share of lasses. But he has never met one as headstrong or as bonnie as Claire—or one with such desperate, dangerous plans. Helping her could betray his honor, his country, and more. Graham can't claim her. Yet everything in him says: Take her, make her yours, teach her pleasure, and never let her go.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00