The Assassins' Village

I chose "The Assassins' Village" in an attempt to get away from romance. The title intrigued me and I figured it would be a good selection. The beginning started off great, though there was an intense amount of descriptions that really pulled me from the story. After the first murder, the story slowed to a dead stop. I made it through half the book and it was nothing but mundane descriptions about every little detail, which bored me. The author jumped characters' view points, and it was done in a way that jarred the reader. The author also used too many characters. I found it hard to remember who was who.

I kept reading, hoping the author would increase the speed or involve more action. By the time the second body was discovered, I couldn't read anymore. The dialogue was unbelievable, filled with too much small talk. There was all telling and no showing. This is not a book I would recommend to the average reader. Some people may enjoy knowing so much about the characters, and every little detail about the scenery and not mind the awkwardness of the story. I believe it would be up to the individual to make their own decision.

I do believe that if the author goes back and tightens up the entire story and eliminates all the problems, it would make a better read in the future. I would give it another try should the author choose to do that.

Book Blurb for The Assassins' Village

Bound and gagged, the shocked and terrified victim recognises his assailant. Days later, another body is discovered. How many assassins stalk the village?

In a picturesque Cypriot village an expatriate theatrical group gather to discuss their next play; but when the curtain rises it’ll be murder.
A blackmailer stalks the cast – a group riven with jealousies, rivalry, sexual tension and illicit affairs.

Unbeknownst to each other they all attempt to find solutions to their problems. Some believe it lies in murder. Can they find the blackmailer? And can they find that all important ‘little black book’ – the chronicle of their misdeeds.

When a body is discovered, Diana, a cast member, turns detective to draw up a suspects list. After the police get involved one of the suspects is found hanged - another murder or the suicide of a guilty person?

A visit to a villager’s home uncovers an ancient assassin’s weapon. Could this be the murder weapon? Is it possible that an assassin lives at the heart of this formerly peaceful and idyllic village?

Love, hate, murder and high drama all feature in this classic historical detective story. With a long list of suspects, some dramatic twists and the odd red herring, the reader is left guessing until the final curtain falls.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 2.00