Something Borrowed

"Something Borrowed" is a very erotic read about one woman, who has an odd request for her future husband. The night before their wedding, she asks him to "borrow" her ex-boyfriend for one wild night of sex. Brad is the type of man who is willing to give his wife whatever she desires, even if it's another man. Zoe's not selfish though. Throughout the night, she asks her fiance what he's fantasized about when it comes to a threesome. As most men do, he's had those thoughts, but never thought they would come true.

He wants to see his fiance come apart in the arms of another man. He enjoys watching another man's hands and mouth on her while she pleasures him. He finds it erotic and loves it when Zoe does a simple move and doesn't kiss Clay. Just because they have sex, she doesn't do anything personal. Brad realizes then that Zoe only has feelings just for him. After they have a night of pleasure with another man, they agree that it was a one time thing and neither of them will ever need more than each other.

I loved reading this story. Despite the graphic sex, it's a real love story. The scenes are delightfully sinful and will keep the reader entranced until the very last page. As far as a story of threesomes go, this is one of my favorites.

Book Blurb for Something Borrowed

Zoe Fortunato was getting married to the man of her dreams. Right? Wasn’t Brad everything she’d ever wanted? Then why did she invite her old boyfriend to the wedding and daydream about threesomes she’d had in the past?

When Brad McCoy, the hunky groom, asks her why she’s so edgy the night before the wedding, she digs up the courage to tell him. She wants one last fling with Clay. And him. Both of them bringing her to orgasm every way possible. But will Clay agree to be “borrowed”? 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00