Night Mission

1 Night Stand Series

"Night Mission" is one of the hottest books I've read in a while. I had no idea when I started it that it would be so erotic and straight forward. Gabriel and Maggie didn't waste any time getting straight to the sex. Despite that this book was almost thirty pages of nothing but steamy sex, Desiree Holt still infused a story line. Both Maggie and Gabriel are lonely and can't seem to find the right person to settle with or to satisfy their sexual apatite.

They choose to sign up for 1 Night Stand, and shortly after, find that they are a perfect match for each other. In just one night, they realize they are meant to be together and decide they won't part, despite not knowing much about each other. I enjoyed how the couple felt they were soul mates, and decided to act immediately, regardless of the opinions of most of society who would say there's no way they could work out after knowing each other such a short time.

This is a story I would recommend for anyone who loves erotica and steamy sex with hot people.

Book Blurb for Night Mission

Navy SEAL Gabriel Walker didn’t think he was asking too much, just a hot woman with some brains who made his down time between missions pleasant. And maybe a little bit more.

Forty-something Maggie Fitzpatrick wanted a younger man with a sex drive to match her own and "even" smarts to hold a conversation. And maybe a little bit more.

When Madame Evangeline paired them for the one night stand, neither of them expected the explosive chemistry, the very hot sex…and a little bit more.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00