The Bavarian Krisp Caper

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The Bavarian Krisp Caper

Donut-obsessed Mandy's life is falling apart around her. Unemployed in part because of her donuts, and with a boyfriend who seems to be less and less sympathetic to her plight, Mandy's attentions are fixed to only one thing in life-Bavarian Krisp donuts from one of the local Dandy Donut shops that dot Boston's landscape.

But things may be looking up for Mandy. She finally has an upcoming job interview and a donut in her hand. But after enjoying a sunny afternoon with her niece, Ella, things rapidly spin out of control in Mandy's life when her beloved donut is lost. A chance encounter with a not-so-stellar woman may change things completely. Soon, Mandy realizes that there are new, more inventive ways to have all the donuts she could ever eat.

Bavarian Krisps is a snappy little tale of obsession and just how far a desperate woman will go to achieve her daily fix of donuts. In parts it's funny, in others, downright freaky. It's a cute, short read that will lift your day. For it seems in Boston, Bavarian Krisps are the new crack.

Book Blurb for The Bavarian Krisp Caper

Mandy adores Bavarian Krisp donuts. A nice day at Boston Common with her niece, Ella, turns ugly when her quest for the goodies takes her down a dark path. Out of work and out of donuts. What lengths will she go to in order to satisfy her sweet tooth? A short story from our Fingerprints line.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.75