Slow & Sweet

A Love Story with Zombies

After her father’s death, Abby Maples comes to small town South Dakota to close up her father’s affairs. As she grapples over what to do with her father’s house, she realizes that small town living might be a nice change from Seattle and her job as a pharmacist. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a flirtatious relationship with her milkman, Dan.

Upon closer inspection of her father’s home, Abby soon discovers his lab. She’s not surprised—her father was well known for his research in cell regeneration. It was too bad he hadn’t perfected it. Soon, people begin showing up at the house asking Abby for their injections or to have limb replacement. Abby is naturally shocked, but Dan comes to the rescue and explains that her father had been reanimating the townspeople for years. When there was accident or illness, he would create new body parts to replace the diseased or destroyed one, effectively creating “Zombies”.

When Abby comes to grips with this wonderful phenomenon, she takes over for her father, happily taking care of the town’s Zombie population. Along the way, she falls in love with Dan and everything seems so perfect—Until the Zombie hunters arrive!

Slow and Sweet is a clever little zombie tale inside of a romance. It is completely nonthreatening, and is blackly comic at times. The characters are sweet and likeable, and the use of zombies a nice twist. Slow and Sweet is a recommended read.

Book Blurb for Slow & Sweet

Abby's plan was to sell her father's home in South Dakota after his death, not take over his medical practice. Not that she's sure of the right name for the zombie clinic she ends up running in the small town full of reanimated, highly functional, non-brain eating zombies.

Dan, the strapping, sexy, non-zombie milkman is all too happy to lend a hand, and overwhelmed, Abby is grateful for his help. When that helping hand leads to something more, Abby is hopeful about where Dan's sweet and slow brand of courting might lead. The town's peaceful fall festival is interrupted when teenaged zombie hunters invade. Abby and Dan will have to work together to not only keep their secrets, but save their friends.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.75