Shadow Of Guilt

Can the actions of one human being ripple out to change the direction of another person's life?

The lives of two lonely souls connect by the murder of a teenage mom. Physically and mentally scarred FBI Agent Sean Paterson happens upon Megan, a tormented teenager on the run and searching for protection, who has been mortally wounded by an unknown assailant. Before her death, she extracts a promise from Sean to protect her toddler daughter.

Enter Detective Christine Sheppy, sent to investigate the death of Megan. Christine has her own demons of the past to deal with. Together, Sean and Christine come together in an informal partnership. There is an instant chemistry between them. Both are determined to solve Megan's mysterious life and death and protect the young daughter she left behind. But danger lurks everywhere from the soulless to the familiar. Their search for answers will force them to confront their own pasts.

SHADOW OF GUILT is an intriguing thriller wrapped around a romance. A razor sharp plot written with a deft hand will have you guessing to the end. Sean is a noble character, he's different, but in a good way. Christine is an admirable woman who has worked her way through the male dominated arena of police work. She's strong, but still has a soft side. Sean's eccentric adoptive family really steals the show. SHADOW OF GUILT is an inspiring read that will touch your heart.

Book Blurb for Shadow Of Guilt

Ever consider how actions of others ripple out and shadow your path, what you are, what you’ll become? Sean Paterson ponders the cruelty in his life as he’s forced to carry the scars of hate. Detective Christine Sheppy is tormented by the misery of those cast aside and guilt from a desperate act of survival. Two people, haunted by deeds that pierce their conscience, are brought together by the tragedy of a stranger. Their isolated lives are chaotically entwined, until together they solve the mystery behind why a teenager and her child have become targets. The truth carries a sweet and bitter lesson: To each crossing of paths, there is a reason, a purpose. They become the salvation to each other’s dark past, but at a price. They most choose how far they’ll go to end the reign of sorrow inflicted on the helpless by powerful men void of conscience.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00