Here's Blood In Your Eye

Pompous, self-absorbed Russell Schmidt has everything he could ever want-wealth, fame, and the recognition and adoration of millions of devoted fans. Russell, the self-published author of a hugely successful string of vampire novels, knows exactly how to play the crowd. Donning a German accident, he hints at the possibility that he is indeed a real vampire. The women love his act even if it is a scam.

But the Supernatural Stalker is on the loose murdering victims that fit Russell's lifestyle.

One night at a hugely successful function, Russell spots a woman dressed in red. He must have her. But the mystery woman vanishes and he settles for the lovely Layla, enjoying the greatest one night stand of his life. But soon the woman in red returns.

Here's Blood in your Eye is a highly erotic short story, told in the first person view of Russell. It is a story of indulgence and decadence and what happens when you finally get what you wish for. Lushly descriptive writing makes this a story worth reading for anyone who enjoys a vampire tale with a twist.

Book Blurb for Here's Blood In Your Eye

Fame, fortune and females are the life for Russell Schmidt! However, reaching rock-star status through his self-published vampire novels isn’t enough. Trailing after a mysterious woman in red leads to heights of ecstasy he’s never known. But Russ soon finds the tables turned, and his next one-night stand may be to die for!

Reader Advisory: This short story (21 pages/7100 words) contains explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.25