Father's Day

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Father's Day

Preston Ives seems to have it all. A successful prosecuting attorney with a great family life, he now has his eyes on politics. A slam dunk conviction of Serial Killer Daniel Murston will assure his future. After all, DNA evidence doesn't lie, and soon a conviction is secured. The future looks bright for Preston.

But soon, Preston begins receiving phone calls from someone calling him "Daddy". Cards follow in the mail. The phone calls then begin to torment him and his wife at home. A girl seems to be following him. Then the visitor at the door confirms a nearly long-forgotten act of charity.

Father's Day is a creepy but thoughtful little short that will leave you cold. A tale that warns us that that sometimes even the most generous act can come back to bite you in ways you cannot imagine. It is rare that a story can be cleverly written enough to leave me so uncomfortable after reading it. Let's say `well done' and leave it at that.

Book Blurb for Father's Day

Children, it is said, are a joy forever. However, that's not necessarily true if one you've never known shows up on your doorstep mentally unhinged and bent upon revenge.

District Attorney Preston Ives, fresh from convicting a serial killer, is shocked to discover a long-forgotten decision now threatens both his present and his future.

A short crime story from our Fingerprints line.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50