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Almost twenty year old Megan Keyes has left home for the very first time. Her destination: The Vancouver Olympic Games. But soon something goes awfully awry and Megan has vanished. Her mother insists she dropped her daughter off at the airport and has never heard from her since. Glenda Keyes insists her daughter is a normal, well-adjusted girl who would never vanish on purpose. Glenda insists her daughter has been a victim of The Highway of Tears serial killer.

Detective Neil Slater has handled missing girl cases before, usually with a poor outcome. But before he can find any clues to Megan's disappearance, he is next investigating the disappearance of his partner, Brad.

A friend soon appears who tells Neil that Megan's life wasn't as cheery as her mother insists, and Glenda herself seems to waver between grieving mother and unaffected parent. As Brad continues to investigate both disappearances, he does not like where.and to whom. the evidence is taking him.

DECEPTION is a short, clever little mystery that will have you asking `what if' by the end. The characters are interesting, and the plot moves along at a lightning speed. I enjoyed the story, but I can't help but ask myself, what if this story had been carried out to a full-blown book? If you're looking for a quick read, this is your mystery.

Book Blurb for Deception

The action never stops in this fast paced thriller about the disappearance of a young woman during the Vancouver Olympic Games. The police pull out all stops to find her. But when a detective suddenly vanishes as well, they begin to suspect there is more to the case than meets the eye. Fasten your seatbelts for a shocker of an ending.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.25