Dead Giveaway

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Dead Giveaway

Death at the funeral.

Poor Julie has just arrived at her father's funeral following his untimely death in an auto accident. She hadn't seen her father for years thanks to her evil stepmother, Rose. Upon seeing Julie, Rose immediately becomes defensive and makes a scene unleashing a tirade of insults at Julie. Unnerved, Julie stays on at the wake and soon strikes up a conversation with the town's only insurance agent. There's news. Her father had a whopping one million dollar life insurance policy. Just as Julie is seeing dollar signs, she's informed that Rose is the sole beneficiary. The agent then goes on to inform Julie that her father was about to change the beneficiary before his accident. There is also talk of another man in Rose's life.

With the aid of the town's top gossip mongers, Julie sets out to find the truth. Soon, an unexpected event reveals all and propels the day into a most unexpected direction.

Dead Giveaway is a witty little short, blackly comic and amusing. The plot is a well-used one, but the author tells the story well. The characters are both eccentric and amusing and the dialogue sparkles. The story moves quickly, but still twists and turns in unexpected directions. This reviewer will never look at Red Velvet cake in the same way again.

Book Blurb for Dead Giveaway

Upon returning for her father's funeral, Julie finds that not much has changed in her hometown-including her evil stepmother, Rose. Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her father's death, Julie embarks on her own investigation. She soon finds herself entangled in a mystery with a million dollars at stake and a cast of characters befitting of her hometown's name-Lake Loon. A new Father's Day short story from our Fingerprints line and the international-bestselling author of PADDY WHACKED and CHRISTMAS IN KILLARNEY.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25