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Loner Lewis has two great loves in his life-His at home job and the Number 13 Special at the local grease pit, Manuel's Serrano Bar and Grill, prepared for him by the enigmatic Jorge. While waiting one night for his meal, the lovely Samantha sits down beside him and strikes up a conversation. Lewis is first annoyed then intrigued. When Samantha accepts a date for the following morning to share a "real" breakfast with Lewis, he feels he's hit the lottery.

But as he waits for his date, the minutes click buy and Samantha is nowhere to be seen. Disappointed, Lewis discovers breakfast for the first time.

COLLISIONS is an interesting, very descriptive little short that is an almost unexplainably cutesy, weird, and strangely entertaining. It's well worth taking a few minutes and entering into Lewis's odd little world.

Book Blurb for Collisions

Lewis Grafton lives a life of routine and isolation. His days are spent in front of a computer, shut out from the rest of the world, except for his late night order of "the usual" at Manuel's Serrano Bar & Grill. But, tonight, an encounter at Manuel's will be anything BUT "the usual." A new short story from our Nibs literary line and the author of the international bestseller A SUMMER WEDDING.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25