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The last few days for Danny haven't been the greatest. He hasn't slept and he's dog tired but he still has jobs to do. Danny arrives at a dive motel just in time for the show. You see, Danny is a hitman and he's arrived just in time to witness poor Harvey the accountant about to meet his maker.

But something is wrong, and Danny soon realizes that it's a two for one deal-and not just Harvey is going to die for his mistakes. Danny has made his own mistakes as well--bedding the wife of the boss is his mistake and now his boss knows about it. Danny now must make drastic decisions and try to outsmart his boss to get out alive.

Ballistic is a snappy short story just chalk full of violence, nasty language and a thrilling chase. The story is sharp, well written, and entertaining. A nice little bite of thrill.

Book Blurb for Ballistic

Danny has a simple job: he makes people pay for their mistakes. Unfortunately, even hitmen screw up too. When an exhausted Danny escorts an unreliable accountant to his final audit in a run-down hotel, he realizes the moneyman isn’t the only one scheduled for termination. And when you need a professional, lightning-quick gunman dead, they don’t just send one man—they send all of them.

Alone, facing multiple killers, he has to move fast and shoot faster. Worse, Danny knows the leader of the team—the legend who trained him—lies somewhere in the depths of the hotel…waiting. A short work of crime fiction from our Fingerprints line.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00