A Mobster's Menu for Mother's Day Brunch

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A Mobster's Menu for Mother's Day Brunch

Beth Mathison's Mobsters

Mother's Day just got a whole lot stranger.

Annalisa is about to enjoy Mother's Day brunch away from the kid's table, joining the adults of her family for the very first time. But this isn't just any Mother's Day or any family. It seems that all the mothers are away visiting the "shore"--or somewhere else-no one is quite sure. All they do know is the mothers will eventually return.

The family is full of bad kids, wise cracking old ladies and eccentric relatives who readily admit they delve into some not-so-legal activities. The waiters want no parts of serving this family. Food is provided for the brunch courtesy of trucks that have "accidently" lost their loads on the road. A lot of trucks seem to lose their loads; it's a good thing Charlie and Harry are around so things will not go to waste. Topics of conversation vary from nunneries to pregnancies to surprise weddings with rival "family" members.

A Mother's Day Menu for Mother's Day Brunch is a cracking little story full of wit and humor. The story derives its real power and charm from the things that are unsaid rather than what is said. I wonder where the mothers are and what they are really up to. An enjoyable, well written short story that will make you smile.

Book Blurb for A Mobster's Menu for Mother's Day Brunch

The most hilariously dysfunctional crime family returns for their fourth outing in Beth Mathison's hit short story series.

To observe Mother's Day, Jeremy brings his best girl Carla to brunch at Pawleski's Supper Club. Harry and Charlie have provided the unique contraband menu that has conveniently "fallen off" of various trucks. The mothers of all the young kids have disappeared for the day, leaving an olive-throwing gang of kids in the club's banquet room. And Aunt Shirley tries to keep the peace between the kids' table and the grown-ups while ensuring the mimosas keep flowing.

Can Jeremy and Carla's relationship and cupcake business survive another untraditional holiday? Or will the common bond of living outside their families and trying to avoid "family business" make their relationship even stronger?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00