A Cowgirl's Secret

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A Cowgirl's Secret

Harlequin American Romance, #1359 - The Buckhorn Ranch

For ten years, Daisy Buckman has been living a lie. Along with her lies come devastating secrets. When Daisy left Weed Gulch, Oklahoma, at eighteen, she reinvented herself over the years as Julie Smith, a high flying attorney and single mother of ten year old Kolt.

But one day out of the blue, her former lover and father of her son, Luke Montgomery, shows up announced on her doorstep, throwing Daisy (now Julie) into a tailspin. She knew realistically that this day would come, still she is unprepared for it, and the feelings it stirs inside her for Luke. With her world crumbling quickly, she must come clean to her family. Naturally, Luke is angry that she has kept him from her child, but he is quick to accept the boy and his feelings for Daisy are still potent.

Daisy decides to return to her loving family in Weed Gulch, but she needs to reveal her real reason she abandoned them a decade earlier-the long-held secret involving family friend Henry Pohl.

A Cowgirl's Secret is a story of betrayal, forgiveness, and renewing love. The plot is a well-used one, but the author writes the story well. Luke is a dream; you can clearly feel his emotions. My feelings for Daisy are conflicted. I understand her devastation and fear at the young age of eighteen, but she had a loving stable family behind her, as well as a boyfriend who was committed to her. Although she is a dedicated, loving mother to her son, she kept him from his father for ten years only to then rip him from the only life he knows to move closer to a family and father he doesn't know. Not to mention she is quick to abandon her job and caseload. Still, A Cowgirl's Secret is a nice read that will warm your heart.

Book Blurb for A Cowgirl's Secret

Daisy Buckhorn is used to keeping secrets. Pregnant and terrified, she left her family home ten years ago, hoping to never be found. Since then, she's made a name for herself. Only, the name isn't her own. "Julie Smith" is a successful attorney with a beautiful son…and the complete opposite of wild country girl Daisy.

When reality intrudes on Julie's perfect life in the form of Luke Montgomery—her first love—Daisy knows her secrets won't stay hidden for long. Not when her son is a near replica of Luke, who has come to bring her home. But the Oklahoma ranch still houses her darkest memory—and her biggest threat. Telling this truth could unravel everything she's built, and destroy any future she and Luke may have.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.50