Return of the Fallen

I enjoyed reading Return of the Fallen, and I am looking forward to what other works Rita Vetere has written, or if she hasn't, what she will write next. This book has absolutely beautiful dark imagery in every chapter, complex characters, and an absorbing plot. I love when writers are able to take something (in this case, Angels) and completely change it into something creative and current. I had a hard time pinpointing the exact genre of this novel; in some ways it felt like it was a dark fantasy, but there were also moments that felt almost like cyberpunk. I absolutely loved the character of Israfel, and cheered her on throughout the course of the book. This book is wonderful, and I can't think of anything that needs to be pointed out for constructive criticism. I am looking forward to seeing what else Rita Vetere has written, or what she will write next.

Book Blurb for Return of the Fallen

When a fiery Nephilim goes rogue, there's only one thing to do: Take cover.

Israfel, the only member of the fallen race in existence, is on a mission: kill Jared Crow, head of a secret organization known as The Order, and the man who murdered her friends. She's highly trained in the martial arts, skilled in weaponry and won't allow anything to stand in her way, not even her mortal lover, Edmond.

Unable to dissuade Israfel from hunting down Crow, Edmond joins her. He’s only along for the ride, but it’s one he’ll wish he’d never taken. Raziel, the last Watcher on earth, has taken refuge in the desert, far from the mortals he is duty-bound to protect. Though tired of the task after thousands of years of lonely servitude, when he detects a threat to the Symphony--the universal flow of all living things--he has no choice but to track the dissonance. Knowing sooner of later Israfel must die, he joins in the chase.

Jared Crow has an agenda none of them could have foreseen—and he’s got some powerful help in the form of the Dark One. Nephilim, mortal and Watcher--it will take all three to reverse what Crow has set in motion.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25