First Bite

The Dark Woods Trilogy, #1 / The Wicked Queen's Tale

First Bite is what happens when a fairy tale retelling is done correctly. This retelling of Snow White breathes new life into the age old tale, and gives it an edge that is sure to be popular with contemporary readers. The dark imagery is beautiful and the story is complex. This isn't your typically fairy tale retelling. Fans of paranormal teen romances will enjoy this book, but also the dedicated fantasy reader will also find enjoyment in this novel. I love books where your expectations are turned upside down, and this is one such novel. Having the evil queen as our main protagonist, instead of Snow White, is fresh and interesting, rather than most fair that uses this technique in their writing. I am looking forward to reading the other two novels in this trilogy.

Book Blurb for First Bite


Is the illusion the Queen cannot live without. It drives her to horrors beyond the imagination of those beneath the spell of her charms. Leaving ruined kingdoms in her wake, a dire prophecy before her–and one chance to conquer her fate.


Is the only chance Fortulla has to escape the grim fate that awaits one branded as a servant of evil since her memories begin. She longs for the chance to be free, to grasp hope and happiness beyond the curse of her existence.


Is the child whose existence could change everything. A princess whose life is threatened by a force beyond her understanding; her destiny intertwined with good and evil.

First Bite reweaves the classic story of Snow White from the perspective of its dark and desperate villainess, one of the greatest in fairy tale lore. Told with the backdrop of pagan lore, magic, and mystery, the story of a desperate Queen and an innocent princess is connected to a servant girl’s secret past, their fates merging in an ending only a Magic Mirror could forsee.

Writer Laura Briggs steps outside her usual sweet romance genre and pairs with her fellow indie author for their first full-length independent novel, adding a touch of romance to a fantasy tale of suspense.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.25