The Victorian Lure

Calum's Curse: Ardetha Vampyre

First of all, let me say I LOVED this book! It should be on every paranormal romance reader's TBR pile.

In The Victorian Lure, Sky Purington has created a truly unique story.

Young, successful and a bit conflicted Dakota Allerton buys a gorgeous, ocean front, Victorian dream home. Shortly after she moves in, things begin to change. Literally. Her new home is haunted and its rooms seem to change of their own accord with no rhyme or reason. She becomes trapped in her own attic and out of desperation; she calls for help from a paranormal investigation team.

Eager to help Dakota, the team promptly shows up. Determined to get to the bottom of this home and its mysterious inhabitants, they immediately begin their investigation. The team comprised of four people; two brothers, one sister and a cousin each with their own "special" gift that they are not fully aware of, they set forth to unravel the mindboggling home. In the beginning, only head investigator, Leathan and Dakota are able to notice the eerie happenings. As the days go on, they all soon realize that the "storm of the century" brewing outside, is no match for the cluster of apparitions and activity inside the home. One minute, they will be having coffee in a present day decorated kitchen. Then next, they're walking through a 1970's living room. Complete with purple shag carpeting and pink lava lamps. The time changes do not last long, for the house has a plan. A deadline of sorts.

We accompany Sky Purington's characters on a time travelling trip like no other. All the way back to the early 1900's where not only bare essentials await them, but also the owner and original builder, Mr. Calum O'Donnell. A persnickety old wizard turned warlock, whose biggest obstacle was his own greed.

I honestly never knew what would happen next in this story. There wasn't a scene that I could foresee coming. Each page until the very end was a mystery. Each page brought forth a new emotion, clue and question. There was no way to guess ahead of time. Sky has weaved a story so enthralling that it allows you to experience every human emotion. And that I did.

For me, there was no favorite or least favorite character. Without any of them, this story wouldn't be complete. I literally could not put this book down. Every twist and turn left me wanting to know more, read more. What starts out as a fictional ghost story, transcends into a truly believable story of love and its ability to weather any storm. The Victorian Lure has been one of the most fulfilling, moving books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. With an ending I never could have imagined, Sky Purington has proven "Nothing is ever as it appears to be".

Book Blurb for The Victorian Lure

Is it true love...or is the magnetic pull just another part of the Victorian's lure?

Dakota Allerton depends on no one but herself, but then she's never needed a ghost hunter. When her dream home becomes a house of horrors that is holding her hostage, her only hope is a Scotsman who investigates the paranormal.

The supernatural is nothing Leathan Stewart can't handle. However, trapped in Dakota's cursed Victorian home, he finds himself falling back in time. Only those who persevere can survive the dark domination.

Fear has a way of drawing two people together...but so does the need to be loved. Dakota and Leathan must fight against unknown enemies, discover the secrets of Calum's Curse and defeat a vampire bent on finishing the legacy it began.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00