The Bad Boy's Biggest Mistake

The Law Castle Bad Boys, 3

This book follows on from The Bad Boys’ Reluctant Woman.

Vicks fell for Tristan in a big way. The town sheriff and a lot older than herself he was everything she thought she wanted. When she finds out he's married she's crushed and then when an incident makes her lose their baby she hits rock bottom. Feeling down and not really looking after herself she avoids Tristan like the plague.

This story flashes back to how they got together and how they were torn apart. With their future up in the air, they struggle to right the wrongs and forget their heartache to find a happy ending.

Overall this was a good read and falls into the solid 4 range. If you enjoy erotic romance age gap stories check this story out.

Book Blurb for The Bad Boy's Biggest Mistake

Vicki Burke gave herself to the Sheriff of Law Castle, Tristan Carmichael. After falling in love with the much older man she learned a startling truth, Tristan was married to another woman.

Losing the only man she loved and their baby, Vicki tries to rebuild her life in Law Castle. She stops working at the local bar and starts working for one of the Law Castle Bad Boys. But her love for Tristan refuses to go.

For longer than five years Tristan was separated from his wife but didn’t request a divorce. He never expected to get involved with another woman or to fall in love.

His life is full of mistakes but his biggest mistake was letting Vicki go. Is there a way for him to win back her trust? And can he repair the damage with a divorce from a woman who refuses to give him what he wants?

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00