The Alpha Takes a Mate

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The Alpha Takes a Mate

Disaster of the Otherworld, 1

Brandon the alpha of the Gracehill pack is an ass.

He doesn't like humans, doesn't respect humans and thinks fate is punishing him because he finally finds his mate and she turns out to be a human.

Elle wants nothing to do with the alpha, she is sweet and innocent and really doesn't want to be mated to him, but once he enters her life it changes completely.

With Brandon thinking so little of humans but finding himself falling for Elle we see a different side of him. He's selfish but thinks he's doing it for her safety. When he finally realizes what they have, is it too late?

The Alpha Takes a Mate has an interesting cast of characters. This story flowed well and made me hope there is going to be a second. I want to read Lewis' story.

Book Blurb for The Alpha Takes a Mate

Brandon is the werewolf alpha of the Northern Forest Pack. He’s looking for a mate with the same strength as him to lead his pack through the dark times they are about to face. Never did he anticipate to mate with an innocent human female.

Elle Smith moved to Grace Hill after a vampire attack almost killed her family. After she turns twenty-one her life is changed forever. Brandon bites her as she’s working at the diner, declaring her his mate. She can’t believe it's happening and refuses him.

However, the pull of the mating can’t be denied. Elle seeks him out even though she can’t bear to look him in the eye. Brandon will do anything to keep his woman safe. As Grace Hill becomes the home to many dangerous paranormal beings, Brandon pretends another is his mate.

Hurt, Elle shuts him out. Has Brandon lost his only chance of a mate? And what threat from her past could send Brandon to possible war?

Their world has never been more fragile as a cult known as Disaster of the Otherworld intends to plunge them into chaos.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50