Murder by Ritual

It took me a while to get into Murder by Ritual as I felt that there was so much information thrown at me that I couldn't take it all in. Once I got my head around it I enjoyed the story.

Eris is special, she can see things through the eyes of the dead and she helps the police to find murderers. She meets Ken Satou at a crime scene and ends up joining the Strand, a special core unit. They become partners even though that is something she never wanted to do. The tension is electric, the murders are vile and the story flows really well.

Book Blurb for Murder by Ritual

Eris Herrington on the scene of a grisly quadruple murder thinks she’s been pushed too far. Strands--humans who now had the power to walk as animals or, like her, could see into anything they touch--haven’t been public for long. A killer among them won’t be good.

Eris realizes she’s been manipulated for this case in order to join the Strand Special Core, and Ken Satou will be her partner. She’s ready to walk away, but Ken won’t stand for it. If he has to seduce her into submission to solve this case that is exactly what he’ll do.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.00