Juneau Heat

Juneau Heat is an excellent read full of excitement and hot sex shifters. These are guys you will fall madly in lust with.

Shiya sets out to prove herself just as capable as her sisters by going on a mission to prove that the guy she has been chatting to online is indeed a shifter. Belonging to a family of shifter hunters Shiya has always believed that shifters are nothing more than dangerous animals. But after meeting Birk and his best friend Kotori she starts to question all her beliefs. She realizes that they are becoming special to her. With her nasty brother pulling her one way and her sexy alpha shifters the other she needs to choose a side before the choice is taken out of her hands.

Book Blurb for Juneau Heat

Shiya flew to Juneau, Alaska to confirm if the man she's been chatting up online is truly a shape-shifter. This was to be her first job in the field. As a tech geek, she's used to staying behind her computer and gathering all pertinent information about the existence of shifters so her family--shifter hunters for generations--can go and do the dirty work. All Shiya was supposed to do was to seduce Birk into revealing himself. What she didn't count on was how hot the man was in real life. She couldn't deny their chemistry and the reaction her body had to Birk. When Birk suggests they act on their mutual attraction, she can't say no. Then he sets the stakes even higher. He wants her to make his best friend her lover too. Kotori is the hottest Native American Shiya has ever seen, and her lust is ignited even more, especially given the danger she sees lurking deep in Kotori's eyes.

Two lovers--her family doesn't have to know she took the seduction to something physical, right? And when her play is over, she can go back home to San Diego with no qualms. After all, they're just animals. Shiya's reasoning is put to the test when her heart gets involved, and her life in danger when Birk and Kotori reveal they know who she is. Shiya's family wants Birk and Kotori dead, and her lovers want to lure the famous hunter family to their deaths. Shiya is caught in the middle. All that's left is abduction and seduction until something gives.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00