For Toron's Pride

Sienna was bitten in the throes of passion by Davon her boyfriend at the time. One night was all it took to make her a lion shifter and change her life. She now finds herself in Vermont with Davon who is now her ex and a house full of shifters. If that wasn’t bad enough she finds herself attracted to Toron, the alpha of the pack. Scared by his power and the feeling of being out of control around him, she runs away. Before she can get far Toron finds her and they share a night of unbelievable pleasure. But when the morning comes Sienna still leaves and Toron lets her. 5 years later she returns for Toron’s help and they find the passion still burns. Will sienna stick around this time?

I really enjoyed this story and recommend it. The characters are relatable, the passion scorching and even though Toron is alpha he isn’t too much. He doesn’t become over bossy.

Book Blurb for For Toron's Pride

When her jerk of an ex-boyfriend turns her into a lion shifter, Sienna just can't accept that she's no longer human. She's determined to live a normal life despite PMS as a shifter being off the charts. When she meets Toron, the leader of the pride, she can't deny how sexy he is or her attraction to him, but Toron has a power that threatens to sweep away all the plans she's made for her life. No one man should have that much control over the people around him. After a night of unbelievable sex, Sienna leaves Toron, and he lets her go. Five years later, she is forced to seek the help of the man she's never been able to get out of her head. Will he forgive her for the decision she made so long ago?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50