Feral Craving

When Bari returns home from Iraq injured he comes face to face with Mackenzie the love of his life and the person who he left behind nine years ago. He felt he was protecting her but he realizes that even though his intentions were good she was still hurt in more ways than one. Bari has secrets which put her in danger, but Mackenzie has a secret of her own which very much links him to her.

Feral Craving is intriguing, exciting and so full of surprises that it kept me hooked. I really enjoyed Feral Craving. The chemistry and erotic moments between the main characters was addicting. I definitely recommend Feral Craving.

Book Blurb for Feral Craving

Bari has always felt a presence lurking deep inside of him, waiting to get out. After being injured in Iraq, he suddenly finds himself thrust back into his hometown, forced to face his past. He finds that what’s lurking inside of him is real, waiting, and running out of patience fast.

What happens as the evil of his past merges with his wants of the future? What happens when the man and beast inside crave a female from his past? What happens when Bari learns that he is anything but human?

Be Warned: light bondage, anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50