Dragon's Ward

Dragons ward is a short story about Brook who has been running from a crazy stalker for 2 years. When she sees something extraordinary she finally feels like she could get the help she needs so she goes next door to her neighbors for help and his friends come to help to keep her safe.

They all realize that there is something more between them than friendship and when they embrace it they can't go back. Brook is a strong woman to have endured what she has and the men are gorgeous and determined to keep her safe.

I really enjoyed this story and wished it was longer with more of a back story so I could really connect to the characters. Still I recommend Dragon's Ward for a quick enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Dragon's Ward

She became the Dragon’s Ward.

Brook had been hunted by her stalker, Roach, for nearly two years. He’s become crazed to have her, toying with her, until he can make her his forever. Just that forever for him means death for her.

When Stefan caught a nearly frozen woman in his arms, he never thought he would find the Phoenix to his King Dragon. She’s priceless, and his nobles, Cadoc and Nero, have been awaiting her to complete their quartet as well. Come hell or high water they will save her from Roach and claim her.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.50