Cuff Master

Morgan has a gift. She can communicate with ghosts and when she touches an object she can see who touched it last.

Ethan is a cop, he sees things in black and white and is skeptical about her gift. When she needs his help to lay a ghost to rest and save a life will he step up or run the other way?

The story is about an old murder case that Ethan worked on and a whole lot of dom/sub sex. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good sex scene or two but it's what happens outside the bedroom that counts and I felt that the author couldn't make up her mind about Morgan’s character.

Morgan is portrayed as a strong female who believes in herself and her gift enough to not care if someone thinks she's loopy, she owns her own shop and manages her finances but then in walks Ethan and she's telling him she needs his help to run her shop and basically becomes dependent on him.

I couldn't connect with the characters but I found the back ground story interesting but not enough to really care about what was going to happen.

All in all an ok read, Ethan and Morgan had a good relationship and I liked his brothers just not enough to read their stories.

Book Blurb for Cuff Master

Detective Ethan Maddox and psychic Morgan Everhart are on the cusp of a relationship, if she can forgive him for doubting her abilities when they first met. A Master with a fetish for handcuffs, he recognizes Morgan is a submissive who needs a patient man to guide her safely into the D/s lifestyle. He is determined to claim her.

Inviting her for a moonlit walk, Ethan kisses Morgan and her seduction begins, until a teenaged ghost interrupts. Ethan is skeptical of the supernatural, but if he doesn’t open his mind he may never collar the woman he loves.

As they work together to solve a cold case, Ethan introduces Morgan to the very dark, seductive world of sex, submission, bondage and dungeons. All the while, danger is growing. If Ethan doesn’t find a young girl’s killer soon, all could be lost.

Reader Advisory: Morgan’s sexual awakening includes watching a scorching-hot brief scene of male/male lust, with Ethan by her side. Book Length: Super Plus Novel

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.00