Claiming Their Cat

Cat Watson is on the run from who she thinks is the father of her baby, a powerful drug lord, Jose Alvarez. When she meets Rabid Rio she is terrified, she is sure that he will take her back to Alvarez to get the ransom. Instead Rio swears to protect her, because she is his mate. To his surprise she is also his brother’s mate and they do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Yet she thinks they betrayed her. Will they be able to save and claim her, this time for good?

I found this book fast paced and interesting and would recommend it.

Book Blurb for Claiming Their Cat

Cat Watson managed to escape from the powerful drug lord Alvarez and right into the hands of the notorious killer—Rabid Rio. Rio promises to protect her and her baby if she becomes his mistress. With no money, what choice did she have? Then Rio's brother, Creed, shows up and vows his protection too.

She finally feels safe, that she belongs only to discover they’ve betrayed her.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50