Burn is about righting wrongs of the past and trying to find trust and love all over again.

Ryan was a huge part of Tate's life, she loved him a lot and thought he felt the same but one night he just upped and left her. He left no note or anything to say what had happened or why he left, it broke her heart.

On a particularly busy shift at the ER Tate finds Ryan is in need of medical care, so she bites the bullet and goes to help.

Ryan knows he did wrong by not telling Tate why he left, but at the time he didn't know what to do and he felt it was easier that way. Now he realizes that if he wants her back he's going to have to work hard to earn her trust and her faith.

Burn is a really sweet story of true love and the mistakes we make to protect the one we love. A good story.

Book Blurb for Burn

Eight years ago, life was good for Tate Reilly. Living in Atlanta and attending college, her dream of becoming a doctor was within reach, and she was in love with Ryan Hart. Then one night while Tate slept, Ryan disappeared. No note, no phone call, nothing left of a love she thought would last forever.

Ryan never wanted to leave Tate behind the way he did. The best way to spare Tate the disruption of her bright future with his problems was to make a clean break. So he did the hardest thing he'd ever done—he walked away.

Now Ryan is back in Atlanta, and he has every intention of winning Tate back, no matter what it takes. The heat between them is undeniable, and it’s not long before it melts her resistance and she starts to lose the grip on her heart again.

But time doesn’t always heal all wounds. Sometimes you have to shed more blood to become whole again.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.50