Abby's Twin Mates

Midnight County, #1

After Abbys grandmother passes away she returns to Midnight Creek to handle her grandmother’s affairs that have been entrusted to her. She meets Mitch and realizes that he has an identical twin called Taylor. She has a creepy meeting at her grandmother’s house with Heath and her eyes open to the possibilities that the paranormal world really exists, leaving Mitch and Taylor to become her protectors, her lovers and eventually her mates.

Abby's Twin Mates is an OK read, but it needs some work and expanding. Readers are in for some creepiness, action and a hot romance.

Book Blurb for Abby's Twin Mates

After her grandmother's untimely death, Abby Morgan returns to the small Southern town that was once her home to handle the affairs that have been entrusted to her. Shortly after arriving, Abby comes into contact with the ruggedly handsome Mitch Beaumont and is seeing double after she meets Mitch's identical twin brother, Taylor.

Abby discovers that everything in Midnight Creek isn't as it seems, and after a couple of hot encounters together, Abby is drawn more than ever to the twins. They make her feel special and wanted. It's something she's never had before in her life, and with them in her bed, it leads to her craving more pleasure from them. But when her life is suddenly put into peril, she must rely on the twins to save her.

Romance, mystery, and intrigue fill the air around Abby. Nothing is as she had ever known it before. But hey, this is Midnight Creek in Midnight County after all, where convention is tossed straight outta the window.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.00