Tie Me Down

Knights in Black Leather, #2

Fiery Attorney Sam Marlow meet sexy Texas Rancher Case Turner. Oh, and he also happens to be a Dom. Sam comes to town to work on a water rights issue, one which Case has a definite interest in but with a really bad experience in her past with a Dom, Sam is not about to let this sexy man take over her life or her body. When Case finds that last part out, he sets about to work his magical charm and change her mind. Or does she change his?

The Good: I love it when two characters meet and there are immediate fireworks. Sam and Case just about got off on the wrong foot due to said fireworks but when Case decides to turn on the charm, he is a man who is hard to resist...in my book anyway. ;) Ms. Deland creates these two likeable yet intense characters whom you want to love and smack their heads together at the same time. She gives you just enough back-story to understand some of their current choices and focuses the spotlight almost exclusively on them. There are additional characters, one or two who might be interesting but they get little page time. I loved the tender way she portrayed Case when he realized that Sam was not just any woman to him and that Sam showed a variety of emotions as she tried to decide what her heart truly wanted. Sam was an especially realistic character to me - relatable, cautious, yet a vixen under the right circumstances. While the book was only 122 pages long, I felt it dealt with Sam and Case's stories sufficiently and did not leave us hanging. A fast read, I completed it in one setting.

The Bad: The additional characters of note - Joel (Case's long-time best friend who he has a history of sharing women with), and Cara McRae (owner of the women's store Knickers, Joel's cousin, wife to 3 lucky men, and the closest thing Sam has to a girlfriend in town) do not have nearly enough page time nor character development in my opinion. We are made aware that Joel has never been the same since coming home from the war, including becoming an alcoholic. But when he shows up, kind of out of the blue and ruins a special birthday celebration between Sam and Case by trying to barge in and share Ms. Marlow, the circumstances and story surrounding it all felt off and like is was missing some significant details. Perhaps that was just me.

The Snuggly: I find BDSM, handled properly, and Shibari to be very erotic and Ms. Deland's descriptions and way with words, make it all doubly hot. The chemistry between Sam and Case sizzles, it is so hot. I especially enjoyed the Ice Cream Sundae. ;) The sex is hot, descriptive and sooo not for the faint of heart. 18 and over for sure. Oh, and you will most certainly want to bring a fan.

The End: This was a fun, hot, sexy book that some substance to it as Case and Sam had to decide what they could and could not live without and what they would and would not do for each other. I loved observing the changes that took place in them both as the book progressed. Of course, I am a big fan of Ellora's Cave books and this one was not different. If you enjoy books containing lots of erotica and some BDSM along with your M/F romance, then Tie Me Down will be a wonderful addition to your reads. I know it was to mine!

Book Blurb for Tie Me Down

Rancher Case Turner is a shibari master who prefers his partners submissive, silent and lush. When he meets an outspoken, curvy lawyer from Austin, he’s wild to capture the colorful creature he calls his butterfly. His cho. Yearning to tie her up nice and tight. And defying the rule of the single men in Bravado that they share desirable women, Case plans to keep Samantha Marlowe all for himself.

Sam has a big, bad aversion to Dominants, so resisting Case’s magnetism seems like a wise idea. Yet Case, who usually binds his women to him in erotic public exhibitions, lures her with sweet-talk and humor. Case becomes the lover Sam told herself she’d never have—kind and tender.

But Case wants to tie up her heart, as well as her body—and she’s ready to bolt. If Case puts his heart on the line as well, Sam might admit there’s no rope stronger than love to tie her down.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00